The Made in Michigan Writers Series is a literary book series from Wayne State University Press, a proud Detroit publisher. The series is devoted to highlighting Michigan’s diverse voices, with the aim of encouraging recognition of the state’s artistic and cultural heritage throughout the world.

We accept book-length works of short fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction, either originally in English or in translation. Graphic narrative and multilingual (in English and one or more other languages) work is also welcome. Authors in the series must currently reside in or have spent formative years in the state of Michigan—but the work does not have to take place in or be about the state.  

Submission Period

Our submission period is April 1–June 1. Writers may submit only once per reading period. Editors for the series may solicit work outside of this period.  

What to Expect

Submissions will be read from June 1 to September 1. Please check in if you haven’t heard from us by the end of October. The Made in Michigan Writers series editors along with Press editors will select manuscripts to move forward. Once we have contacted you with a notice of acceptance, our next step, as a university press, is to have the manuscript evaluated by outside peer reviewers. With two peer reviews that recommend publication and with approval to publish from the Wayne State University Press Editorial Board, we will offer a publishing contract. After completing revisions and submitting a final manuscript, the project then moves into copyediting, production, design, and marketing. Publication usually occurs about ten to twelve months after we receive the final manuscript.


A Note on Peer Review

Though reviewer identity will be anonymous, we welcome your thoughts on who to consider as a reader for your manuscript. Generally, peer reviewers will be published writers in the same genre as you. We value and prioritize calling on diverse perspectives during peer review. The process can take three to six months, and the goal is to receive constructive feedback that enables authors to strengthen their work. The reviewers may request revision in addition to changes asked for by series editors. In response to the reviews, you’ll craft a revision plan with guidance from your Press editor. While it’s not expected that you take every note or piece of feedback, we hope you engage substantively with the peer review process—one of the many unique benefits of publishing with a university press—and that the manuscript is stronger for it.

To submit, we ask for a proposal and your full manuscript. (Exceptions to a complete manuscript may be made for certain nonfiction projects such as graphic narrative.)

Your proposal should be a single document, including the following:

  • up to a page summarizing the work and describing its focus and scope, its significance and the contribution it seeks to make, and the work’s intended audiences
  • for nonfiction projects, include a detailed table of contents with chapter synopses
  • resume, CV, or biographical author statement
  • word count and the details of any special features you plan to include, such as number and type of illustrations
  • a list of 2–4 comparable books, and how yours is similar and different
  • acknowledgment of any previously published portions of the work
  • a note about whether the manuscript has been simultaneously submitted to other publishers
Wayne State University Press